The center is looking into doing research in various areas of robotics especially humanoid robot development, robotic sensors, robotic vision and biomedical robotics. The centers objective is to develop robotic technology that will aid humans and improve the quality of life. To work with industry to improve efficiency and solve problems in manufacturing by using robotics technology. To motivate and inspire students to be involved in robotics technology.


Biomedical Robotics

Research in this area is currently very new and has many areas that can be explored. The result will be directly beneficially to improve the living condition of people with disabilities.


The development of a humanoid robot is at the pinnacle of robotics technology in terms of robot architecture. APCORE starts with a small scale design, this will allows for exploration of many technologies that make a humanoid robot function. The goal is to design our own humanoid robot.

Robotics Vision

Robotics vision is an important area in robotics. The vision technology provide sensor for the robot to see and interact with its environment. Vision has many application in robotics starting from inspection system to robot navigation and also robot learning.

Soft Robotics

Soft robotics looks at developing soft actuators which can be used for grasping fragile items and making actuation of a robot more flexible and harmless to in-operation human interaction

Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4)

Robotics and automation are a big component of IR4. By using Internet of Things (IoT) as the base technology, we could integrate most of the robotics and automation system together. This will allow online monitoring of system performance, health and provide higher degree of control. Also, the research center is currently looking into integration of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) into robotics applications.