Research Team

Suresh Gobee
Head of Research Center
Mr. Suresh is an expert in the field of robotics, automation and also biomedical robotics and bio-signal processing. He has an MSc in Mechanical Engineering and BTech in Industrial Technology (Majoring in Quality Control and Instrumentation) from USM.
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thang Ka Fei
Is the Head of School, Engineering at Asia Pacific University. He has a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of Bath. Bachelor of Engineering (BEng), Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of Bath. His research interest includes Artificial Intelligence Applications in Engineering, Signal and Image Processing.
Ir. Dr. Dhakshyani a/p Ratnadurai
Ir.Dr.Dhakshyani a/p Ratnadurai is an expert in materials engineering and rapid prototyping. She has a (PhD) in Manufacturing Engineering, University of Malaya (UM). Msc in Materials Engineering, University Science Malaysia (USM). Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) in Materials Engineering University Science Malaysia (USM).
Vickneswari Durairajah
Ms. Vicky is an expert in the field of robotics, automation, biomedical robotics & bio-signal processing. Also is involved in disable assistive and autism project using robotics and artificial intelligence. She has an MSc in Mechatronic Engineering and BSc (hons) in Computer Aided Engineering from University of South bank London.
Arun Seeralan B.

Mr Arun has MEng Manufacturing Engineering from COIMBATORE ANNA University and B.E (Mech.) COIMBATORE Bharathiyar University. His research expertise in Automation and robotics.

Dr Vikneswary Jayapal

Dr Vickneswary has a PhD In Science and Technology (Space Science) MEng in Electrical, Electronic and Telecommunication BEng in Electrical. She is an expert in Image processing, Automation, AI and data analytics.

Alexander Chee Hon Cheung

Mr Alex Msc of Innovation and Engineering Design (major in Aerospace Engineering), UPM. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (major in Materials), UTHM. He is an expert of Engineering Material: Ceramic and Composite Mechanical Design: CAD, Fininte Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD). Automation: Material Handling System